If you are anything like me, you would have read the question as ” did you invent anything new” , compared yourself to Steve Jobs and answered the question as No.

Now read the question as: Did you recently connect the dots in a way that provided a new perspective ? If your answer is Yes , you are definitely an innovative person.

Here is a dirty corporate secret:

Innovation is not always about new , original ideas. Most of the time it is about adding a new dimension, providing a new view to the same old.

So the question we should be asking ourselves is not whether we can think of a new idea but are our experiences different enough to provide a new view.

Here is what I am doing to be an “innovative person”:

  1. Gathering experiences different from my team members – with projects, teams and people that can change my perspective
  2. Reading something that has no connection to my day job
  3. Connecting with people who work in industries / teams that I know nothing about
  4. Keeping a journal of ideas I find interesting. Building a repository of interesting ideas that I can go back to
  5. Working with people I don’t like [ usually reason you don’t like them is because they are different / better than you in something]

I welcome you all to drown out your thoughts of how you are not innovative and “steal with pride”