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Happy New Year peeps! Hope you had an amazing holiday.

All the crazy parties during the holiday season got me thinking – Do all of us realize the importance of office parties? Or do we just let them slide by if our group of friends is not going?

I believe the biggest myth of modern age – your professional connections should remain professional. But the key thing to realize is that “Promotions are never given to strangers”

So how do you ace the office parties?


  • The big question of “is it really necessary for you to go?”

Your friends might not be going to this party and you are now troubled with this question. Its simple

a) Is the host one of the people you like to talk to b) Is the host higher up in the rank compared to you and your group c) Is the cause a big one like farewell, important promotion, important office milestone

If the answer is yes to any of above , believe me you shouldn’t miss this party.

  • Sitting versus moving around in the party

Here’s the rule to what to do at the parties:

First 1 hour: stay at your table/ in your group and get to know them (or whatever!)

Post that: start moving around, networking with different groups of people

If you go with your group of friends – try to break away and talk to new people, that’s the entire point of going to parties

  • To drink or not to drink

Here what you will end up doing: drinking at office parties, sometimes a lot. However, no matter  how much you drink you can’t get drunk. I know we have all heard this but how do you do this?

  1. Try and get your own drink (because this is how you will end up cheating)
  2. Have water sometimes pretending its vodka
  3. To make it interesting, you could also have red bull pretending its vodka cranberry

Think of it as your introductory party (no matter how long you have been with the team). It’s never alright to not drink or get drunk.

That’s my cul-de-sac’s top 3 things to ace the office parties. What’s your secret?