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Every time somebody asks me how are you doing in your job , I am tempted to run out of the room or totally ignore the person. It’s not that I am doing terribly (God I hope not!). Its just that you can never tell can you?  Plus, the work is so much about who your people are? You know, the ones who have your back when your promotions and bonuses and job cuts are being decided.


My first thought – offer Starbucks’ Chai Tea Latte and they would become your friends. I have been told it doesn’t work that way, it’s a lot harder, but does it have to be torture?

If you think about it, there are two simple ways you can start building your army of people at work.

 (1) You could be adopted by a family or (2) You could build a sound base and lay the bricks one at a time

Don’t run away yet! I promise it makes sense.

Adopted by a family:


Often you will notice there are groups in the work place. Every group is like family. One way to excel is to become a part of this group and  then you can count on the elders of the group to support you behind your back. Yep, it is almost like belonging to a tribe.

If you are the lucky ones who have the following characteristics, don’t think twice – aim for a tribe , rise up the ladder!

(1) If you are good at making instant friends

(2) If people stick with you /or for you

(3) If you can sway decisions in a particular team

 Laying the bricks one at a time:

laying bricks

Other times, you are like me. You are good at your job but people don’t immediately flock to your aide. For us, the easiest way to get people to vouch for us is to build the sentiment “you won’t lose with me”. This is all about showing your work to diverse people, being consistent and building relationships one at a time. Lay the brick one at a time (I told you it would make sense!)

If following words define you, start it right away. It will take time but will yield results.

(1) When you tend to get a good reputation

(2) If you do amazing work and you can overcome any challenge

(3) If you are slow networker

Before publishing this post, I had my friend read it and she commented that this post was a lot like how to win the race whether you are a rabbit or a tortoise (You know the legendary children story). You are a rabbit if you match the first kind and a tortoise if you are doing things one at a time.

Going by this logic, I am totally a Tortoise!

What about you folks? Are you a Rabbit or a Tortoise?