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So I came back from office today, completely exhausted wondering how I didn’t manage to finish my work and yet I am so tired. Where did all my time go?

In a true corporate style, if I created a pie chart of where our time goes and why we feel like above on most days, it would look something like this:

Time Chart

During most meetings, I bet you have the following thought.


Don’t you hate being a part of such meetings? Worst, leading such meetings?

With a simple theory you can actually become a meeting wizard.

The theory of KISS

Simplify the enigma of meetings by:

  • K: Keep an agenda for the meeting
  • I: Initiate the question that needs to be answered by the end of the meeting
  • S: Say what are the pros and cons of taking the decision
  • S: Set the decision and the way forward

From personal experience, I can tell you this will make your meetings productive and actually increase the participation.

From “Oh his meetings are boring and not worth attending” you will easily move to “The meetings are productive, lets go make a decision, it will be fast”

How do you make your meetings productive? What are your tips and tricks…?

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