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So tomorrow is going to be your first day in a new role, in a new job, in a new company. You go online, search about things to do / not to do, how to be successful in a new job and I can bet that you will find 100+ pieces of advice, some new, some old age.

Advice Note

Here are a few things nobody ever tells you:

  1. When you get into the new job, you will be tested no matter your past accomplishments – don’t take it personally
  2. It’s not about how much you accomplish in your job , it’s about what perception you create for yourself
  3. Helpful colleague doesn’t necessarily mean friend; strict colleague doesn’t necessarily mean horrible
  4. Contrary to popular belief of being perfect and professional, show you are a human while you make a mark for yourself
  5. While writing emails marking people higher in the hierarchy – write the email first and then put the recipients
  6. Some days will make you wonder about why people settle for mediocrity, let these days be a lesson for how not to turn out


Be Confident! It will terrify some,surprise many, and impress all