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When we start working somewhere , all we want to do is impress our boss. Some of us would do anything to hear good words from our bosses because at the end of the day that’s what defines your career.

I recently moved to a new team, a new manager and within the first month I caught myself wishing I knew the quirks of my boss so that I could just adjust myself accordingly. Hence, I developed this list that defines the kind of bosses you get so that you don’t have to second guess your first month but impress and take charge from get go!

Mc knows – It – Best


This manager will second guess everything you do. From sending emails to leading the meetings you should be prepared to hear ‘What you did wrong’ while working with this manager. The upside of this manager is that if anything goes wrong in the projects, it’s the managers fault. However, if you want to lead projects , this manager might not be the ideal way to go

The best way to deal with this boss:

  •  Adopt a ‘Yes Sir’ attitude
  • Despite being independent, run almost everything by him in the start to gain his confidence
  • Volunteer to help and give reasons that show that this will help him

Remember ” Its all about him while working under this boss”

Mc Dictator


If your manager refuses to acknowledge or agree with others’ comments , they fall in this category. Such bosses tend to believe in their opinions and will often have loud voice to share their opinion. They are rarely flexible in their ways of working so the best way to excel under them is to learnt their ways of working

The best way to deal with this boss:

  • Avoid confrontational words or tone with this boss when putting across your points
  • Keep them involved in everything or risk them never involving you in any project
  • Ask for advice often in terms of the

With them “Its all about showing that you value their advice more than anything”

Mc Politician

office politics

Politics is synonymous with corporate life and if there is anybody who excels in this race it is this type of boss. He will always know and be pals with the most influential people of the department. You are never too sure of what this boss does and when he works but you will almost always find him in projects which under the spotlight. They will have unbelievable progress in their career. P.S. – I was recently involved in a coup he led against another boss and believe me – you don’t want to be on their wrong side.

The best way to deal with this boss:

  • Always show them in the best light with everybody
  • Take solutions to them and not only problems
  • Limit dependency on them since they most often will be involved in politics
  • Get an alignment from all the stakeholders before taking anything to them for approval

These people like to do things by the book , hence with them “Its all about being perfect”

Mc Buddy


These people tend to be have the ‘I am your friend while I am your leader’. They will joke with you, share their advice and be your best friend. Their way of agreeing or disagreeing is so subtle that you should clarify things with a clear go / no go decision. These leaders believe that because they are your friends you will agree with what they are saying and often that is true! Be aware of this trap and keep your rationale intact.

The best way to deal with this boss:

  • Be their friend and don’t be formal . They will think you are lying to them
  • Share your ideas in a way that adds on theirs to show you are thinking as a friend
  • Keep your rationale and once in a while share your new / different ideas with them to ensure they still think you are worth keeping around
  • Avoid harsh words or strong language even if you are pissed since they will think you are not being a team player

Remember with them “Its all about we are best pals enjoying work”

Mc Dreamy

inspiring boss

Ah! The perfect boss. The dream. A boss who shares the new decisions in the office, motivates you to do your best and gives you your freedom to develop into the leader. He will often joke around and expect his team to be informal with him. This is the kind of boss who will make you hope and trust against your experience, against your better judgment.

The best way to deal with this boss:

  • Be informal
  • Be proactive in terms of working and producing results otherwise you would be moved out of the team
  • Engage with them to learn from their experience. They will be happy to show you the tricks of the trade

Remember with them “show you have potential and work the hardest since they can propel your career”

However, despite reading this if you are thinking you are still stuck, try this

Adopt a Yes Sir attitude and ask for advice , making them feel important

Good luck with your bosses!