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When you hear about this sentence – what do you think?

Me? Well I always thought the golden rule of corporate world was “be professional and deliver good quality”.

After spending 6 months in Corporate World listening to various advice and observing people, I realized how wrong I was.

The Golden rule to success in Corporate World is a simple statement – ” Perception is Reality”.

Confounded? Read On.. I promise it will sound familiar

Haven’t you worked hard on something fully sure that your peers and bosses are going to commend you on the job well done  and they might as well but then pretty soon somebody comes along just gloating about this amazing brilliant job they did. Blowing their own horn to anybody who would listen. The next thing you know – everybody around you is talking about the amazing thing they did even if it’s not fully completed.

  1. You think maybe his work was better and you will get credit in due time
  2. You wait for sometime but nothing happens and you think maybe you are doing something wrong
  3. You think time will make it better and you quietly embrace (without accepting) Ignorance is Bliss

ignorance quotes

If you didn’t just nod your head in agreement , you are clearly the second person in the story. Congratulations, I am jealous!. But If you are like me  and you identified with the above words – here’s what you do next.

  1. You decide to change the situation as soon as possible
  2. You stop evaluating your work and instead evaluate your perception – what people think about you
  3. Do you have a good perception? A perception which makes people say ” Now there is a star performer”.

If your honest answer is like mine – DON’T REALLY KNOW , then

  1. In the next week talk to 3 -6 different people and ask for their feedback in terms of what they think are your strengths and weaknesses. Their thoughts will give you a fair idea of what your perception is
  2. Secondly, fix time every Thursday / Friday to actively talk to people , build relationships or work on your perceived weaknesses you collected in Action 1

Well as I mentioned in my title “Ignorance is no longer bliss and the age-old wisdom of you can’t do anything about what people think about you – well that’s completely wrong!. “